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About Me

Hi, I am Tyler. A Web and Graphic Designer living and working in Maryland. I have been in the design field for almost 6 years, creating web pages and a range of designs. I have been crafting designs for a local company while at the same time keeping busy with freelance work and learning new technologies. I have a strong art background, which fuels my creative skills, and my full time job is to deliver commercial business and consumer web pages.‚Äč

I have a strong passion for new technology, coding standards, doing things right, and creating natural user experiences. These are important features to many designers and I strive to bring each aspect to every project I work on.

In my free time if I am not working on a project, I am thinking about the new features or practices in the design communities. What I see on the web fuels a desire, almost creating an obsession, to design new, focused and effective work. I am constantly trying to out do myself, by trying new things or learning a new language. I do this simply because I want to, not because it is just another skill I can throw into my repertoire.

I am always looking for new projects and if I may be the designer for you - send me a message

SKILLS:  Jekyll / Github / Github Pages / Drupal 7-8 / Responsive Web Design / HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / jQuery / CMS Development / UX and UI Design / Sublime Text / Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / After Effects / Adobe Bridge / Print Design

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